A Selection of 2D Motifs

You can have your engraved chopping board or other wooden engraved gift further personalised with a 2D motif, thereby making it even more individual and unique. personalised wooden chopping board.

Please note, we have an extensive library of images – too many to display on this web page. We have included some below which we have engraved for previous customers to provide an idea of what can be achieved. If you require a particular design please let us know. We can also convert photographs to line drawings for engraving. Please contact us to see what is possible.

  • The price for including one of the images below adds just £10.00 to the price of your item.
  • To include a motif that we need to create from an image adds £20.00 to the item.
  • Converting a more complex line drawing or photo for engraving will add in the region of £50.00 – feel free to contact us to discuss your design ideas.