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A New Design – Sink Top Chopping Board

Sink top chopping board

We were asked by a potential customer (Karen) whether we could made a wooden chopping board to sit over a small round sink. The original cover that came with the sink when it was installed had seen better days. Liking the idea of a challenge we said yes, so a big “thank you” to Karen for entrusting us with her ideas!

The sink requiring a chopping board

The sink in question

With precise measurements provided by the customer, who knew exactly what she was after, along with some photogrpahs of the sink, we set to work on the chopping board. It required a profile – similar to a portobello mushroom – that we had not previously created. After exchanging a few ideas by email and producing a couple of computer simulations we were all happy with the design. We talked about having a finger or hand cutout to aid lifting. However, this was considered unnecessary as the part of the sink board that sits on the surrounding work top would have a curved base and extend more than 2cm above the work top thereby making it very easy to pick up. This point is one of the key reasons we are now offering it as a product – picking up the board and carrying it is so easy due to its shape – perfect for smaller hands or those with weak hands. Click here for sink top chopping board options.

Then came the hard part – routering and sanding to produce the desired shape. Initially we created a prototype in an inexpensive offcut of timber to ensure the profile was correct before we made the actual sink top chopping board from full-length staves of prime A grade European oak (we do sometimes use English oak). As with all our hand made wooden chopping boards it underwent extensive finishing processes of sanding with ultra fine sandpaper and oiling with an anti-bacterial wood oil.

Here are the results…

Wooden sink top chopping board
Wooden sink top chopping board

This is an excerpt from an email from the customer:
“I just got back home from a trip and unpacked my board – it is perfect and I absolutely love it. How nice to get something custom made that is just exactly right, it fits perfectly. Only one problem – it is so beautiful I am loathe to use a knife on it!”

And how it looks in the customer’s kitchen…

Sink top chopping board
Sink top chopping board