About Oak And Personal

A little history

In 2010, as The Oak Chopping Board Co, we started designing and making hand made wooden chopping boards from prime A grade English and European oak. Since those early days , our range of engraved wooden boards has expanded into the wide variety of sizes and designs that we offer today.

Having seen how well our personalised products were received, along with the personal service we offer, we decided to expand our range of engraved wooden gifts, and at the same time felt that a broader, but highly relevant, business name would be more appropriate – so, we are now Oak and Personal.

We are always working on new designs for personalised wooden gifts that are not only beautiful but practical too.  Our collection includes chopping boards, of course, along with wall clocks, door stops, bookends, fruit bowls, wine racks, boot jacks and lots more.

We have some new and exciting designs in the pipeline and hope to have them ready soon.

So, why choose Oak and Personal for your unique, personalised wooden gift?

Firstly, we will explain how we differ from many online (and High Street) retailers.

We don’t do this

  • Import mass produced items from the Far East or indeed any other part of the world
  • Employ a large work force to turn out large numbers of products, thereby effectively reducing the hand made, personalised nature of the products
  • Use automated processes to make our products and pass then off as hand made

We do this

  • We attempt to differentiate our engraving options from others available online by offering almost unlimited text, motif and personalised cipher combinations.
  • We craft our boards by hand but make no secret of the fact that the engraving or carving is done by a highly sophisticated engraving machine.
  • This enables us to translate a wide selection of 2D images and text into a computerised design using CAD (computer aided design) software, from which we can then create the instructions for the engraving.
  • A key advantage to working in this way is that, for every engraving job, we provide the customer with a design simulation prior to committing anything to wood.
  • This service is unique and there is no extra cost – all part of the personal service we provide.
  • We find this works well for the customers as, whilst the simulation is only two dimensional, it provides the customer with the opportunity to make changes to the design if the result is not as he/she originally envisaged.  It is also a very good way of addressing any issues with font or spelling.
  • Unlike many online stores, we are more than happy to discuss requirements with customers and provide advice if required.

Small but perfectly formed!

Oak and Personal consists of just two people – John and Diana.  If you correspond with Oak and Personal, whether by email or telephone, it will be with one of us. The same two people involved in the design, manufacture, finishing and packaging of your personalised gift.

We are conscious of the impact that felling trees on a large scale has on the environment, on both the short and long term sustainability of the planet.  Every wooden gift we  make comes from timber FSC or PEFC certified.  This timber is sourced within southern England and northern France only, to minimise the effect its transportation has on the environment (read more).

If you commission us to make a special personalised wooden gift for a special person, you can be assured that you will not only receive a personal service with attention to detail but a gift that, in many cases, we are advised, will bring a tear to the recipient’s eyes!

John and Diana