Oil it or spoil it!

Food safe white mineral oil

Remember to oil your wooden chopping board according to the instructions provided. Before it left our workshop it was thoroughly treated with an anti-bacterial oil.

It is vitally important that the oak used in the construction of your board, whether it be for chopping, carving, cheese or bread, is oiled on a regular basis. Oiling the board will inhibit the ingress of mositure that the board can take from its surroundings and from any items placed on it. The oil also reduces the risk of anything placed on the board reacting with the tannic acid that occurs naturally in the timber, which could result in dark stains forming in the wood.

You should give your oak chopping board the same level of care you would give a quality pair of leather shoes – both are made from natural materials and both require a little love and attention!

If you do not have an oil suitable for contact with food, please take a look at our Board Care mineral Oil.

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