Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards

We believe (and more importantly, so do our customers)  that our personalised wooden chopping boards represent the epitome of solid, stoic English character.  The oak timber, as well as having these properties, also has character all of its own; rather like people, each piece will have its own characteristics.  Okay, so people do not generally have knots(!), but the unique appearance, which sometimes will include small knots, cracks, differences in texture due to the grain, and colour, combine to make every board as individual as the recipient.

Choose your engraved board

Having created the hand crafted oak chopping board it can be personalised with engraving in a number of ways, perfect for those extra special occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries (5th wedding anniversary is wood), birthdays, new home, retirement and Christmas.

2 character styles

Add a hidden message

Personalisation options vary depending on the chopping board selected, and selections are shown on each product page to assist you when ordering.  One option which is available on all of our chopping boards is the “secret” hidden message underneath which is extremely popular with our customers.

Still not sure?

If you require further ideas, or would simply like to chat with us about a board, please browse the links below or contact us.

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