Carving boards

Made from thefinest English or French oak, our wooden carving boards make a truly unique gift. Differentiated from our other boards by an extra deep groove, the rectangular ones incorporate a well to capture meat juices, and a spout to aid pouring for making delicious gravy! The rectangular boards are available in two sizes (30x40cm and 30x45cm) and two thicknesses (2.7cm and 4.0cm), whilst the circular carving boards are 42.5cm in diameter and 4.0cm thick.

Now extra large

We have recently extended the appeal of our carving boards by introducing the extra large carving board which measures an impressive 38x50x4cm.

Both rectangular and circular oak carving boards may optionally have recessed handles which help when lifting or carrying as the larger boards weigh in excess of 6kg without the Sunday roast. Each wooden carving board may be personalised with your own message on the edges and/or the face (face only for circular boards), and even the underneath. If desired, a design from our range of 2D and 3D motifs is available. We can also create your own unique personalised cipher. A wonderful gift for Sunday roast lovers!

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