Rustic board collection

Following the success of our “Long Board” rustic serving board, we are introducing a collection of our rustic chopping boards, cheese boards and carving boards that incorporate hand forged wrought iron handles.

This collection represents a subset of our extensive range of hand made wooden chopping boards. Aside from the “Long Board” which is 5.5cm thick, all boards are 4cm thick and are crafted from prime A grade English or European oak, carefully chosen for its beautiful grain which may be more knotty and open than timber used in our other boards to provide that rustic feel. The wrought iron handles are forged locally for us, and make it extremely easy to lift even the largest, heaviest boards.

These boards are perfect for those with a bucolic décor style or would simply like a wooden board that stands out from the myriad of mass produced items on the market.

As with all our products, we offer a wide variety of options for having the boards engraved with your personalised message. The options available are shown on each product page, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

FROM £85.00
FROM £85.00
FROM £170.00
FROM £185.00
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